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Single parents dating for mature single Mums and single Dads in Australia. With demanding lives and your commitment as a parent, it is often difficult to juggle meeting and dating new people around your children. When dating other single parents they understand this. Join and meet educated mature, older and senior Australian singles.

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We understand that finding a special person and starting a new relationship has its challenges, particularly when juggling your life around work and being a single parent, but you are not alone, there are many single parents in your situation. There are a number of questions that my be buzzing through your head as a single parent, but these should not put you off or hinder your desires to meet someone.

1) You may not always have the freedom to date or meet people as often as you would like.
2) You time may be restricted, depending on how old your child or children are.
3) You may have to arrange for a baby sitter.
4) Will having children hinder any relationship?

This is where Single Parents Mature Dating comes in to play. We provide a safe environment for you to meet other singles mother and single fathers. This has a key benefit that all our members have the concerns and questions as you do. They will understand that sometimes you may have to leave you phone on and check on your child. They will understand that you may not always have the freedom to go on date as often as you would like. But most importantly, you can freely talk about your son and daughter during the date without thinking, 'are they really interested in hearing this'.

There areSingle Mums and Dads just like you, who are looking for romance. So, get on board and you will soon be dining at fine restaurants and enjoying the finer things together.

Over 80% of our members are aged between 40 to 65 and are looking for a serious relationships. So register today with Single Parents Mature-Dating's over 40 dating site and start meeting other singles Mums and Dads straight away.

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