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Difference Between Dating and Relationship

Dating and Relationship

This is a very hot discussion between adults and teenagers. What is the relation between dating and relationship? They are two common terms used when having a conversation of relationship. But these two words are used interchangeably and many people are not aware of the differences between them. Although dating can lead to a relationship and it is not same as being in a relationship.

The relationship is a bond or connection between the two. On the other hand, dating, is the starting stage of a relationship where two people are still having that basic conversation. Commitment is one main difference between a relationship and a dating. Two people who are In a relationship means they are committed to each other, whereas people who are dating might be seeing other people too.


Dating is the starting stage of a relationship. It refers to two people interacting socially for a relationship with the intention of considering the partner's suitability in a marriage or a romantic relationship.

In various ways, dating differs from being in a relationship. The two major differences are seriousness and commitment between the two. You might not be serious or committed when you are dating. It is when they start to interact and spend more time together and begin to get to know each other than commitment starts to sprout.

There are very fewer expectations from each other since there is no relationship or commitment between the two.


Relationship means getting committed between two people. It is considered as a result of dating. It grows between two people when they are interacting constantly. Each person has their unique feelings for the other as well. Than dating, relationships are more committed and serious. People in relationships are usually monogamous and don’t flirt with other people. The three essential ingredients in a relationship are trust, commitment, and love. Most importantly, the relationship is made official and the partners see the future together.

So What is the Difference Between Dating and Relationship?


Dating is the beginning stages of a relationship while a relationship is a more about commitment and romantic bond between the two.


When people date, they are less serious and committed while people in a relationship are more committed to love and trust.


The main target of dating is to find out whether that particular person is suitable for you. The relationship has crossed the stages of finding the soul mate.


Dating people will have very fewer expectations while people who are in a relationship will have plenty of expectations from each other.

So, now you know the differences between dating and relationship. Finding out whether you are dating or an in a relationship might be a bit messy, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, nothing serious is expressed by serious actions are taken. Other times, there are right words by not the feelings. But by using these signs, you will be on a safer side to know where you are.